Having a baby who had an intense sucking reflex, we needed to find an alternative to his saliva-coated digits (after approximately 6 weeks of established breastfeeding, of course). Natursutten is the perfect solution in this situation. Made of pure ‘natural’ rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensi tree, it’s a great alternative to plastic. ‘Natursut’ means “natural pacifier” in Danish; it boasts no artificial colors, no parabens, and no PVC, phthalates, BPA, or chemical softeners. It’s ideal and truly comforting for both babies and environmentally-conscious new parents.

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Natursutten pacifiers are made out of only one piece of rubber. There are no joints or cracks, which can typically be incubators for harmful bacteria. The one piece design also means that no small pieces will come apart and become a potential choking hazard for your baby. The larger pacifier shield provides two functions: first, because of its size, it is harder for your baby to insert the pacifier into her mouth and choke.  Secondly, the larger girth touches babies’ nose and simulates breastfeeding providing extra comfort. There are two designs for Natursutten, one is the standard round nipple design (pictured above), and the second is the orthodontic design (pictured below). 

Pacifiers have had a mixed reputation. On the one hand they have been shown to decrease the incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), on the other hand they have been associated with increased risk for ear infections. If used too early (i.e. before 6 weeks of established breastfeeding), they can often cause nipple confusion and interfere with day-to-day feeding. Some will also argue that pacifiers do not allow a baby to learn the art of self-soothing and may cause an overdependence on an external source of comfort. However, babies who thumb-suck or finger-suck may also have a harder time breaking the habit later on because, although you can take away a pacifier, you can’t take away a digit. In my own case, I found that our baby rejected his pacifier by around 6 months of age on his own volition.

Of important note, Natursutten should be used with caution in children with known latex allergies.

Retailing for only $7.95, Natursutten proves that choosing the healthier option need not break the bank account.

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