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The cozy plush toys are made with sustainable fabrics and stuffed with recycled plastic bottles, and transportation of the fabric and products happens in hybrid or electric vehicles (check out Nawi’s nifty visual on the journey of their products). The super soft, easy-to-wash blankies would make a great baby gift, while the sweet, silly plush toys and giant pillows could become the ideal stuffie/playmate/headrest/cuddle companion for naps and bedtime. The pillows, which are also available in a cool grayscale option, are big enough that we may even “borrow” them for our own sofa relaxation time.

Nawi Kids is committed to making their workplace as equitable as possible. The company pays fair wages and all employees are eligible for educational funding for family members. Unsurprisingly, this green and fair company has a sweet, homegrown backstory: Nawi Kids was started by two friends with backgrounds in design, manufacturing, art, and investments. One became a mother to a dinosaur-loving daughter, and the twosome jumped at the chance to offer a business model and a product they were passionate about. We hope this lovely company and their kooky, happy dinosaurs don’t ever go extinct!

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+ Plush Blankies $36.00

+ Plush Toys and Pillows $34.00-119.00

+ Nawi Kids