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Neighborhood Chairs From Paloma’s Nest Double As Dollhouses!

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The craftsmanship behind these kids’ chairs is anything but child’s play: they are made entirely by hand from non-toxic birch plywood and finished with a non-toxic natural varnish. And it’s clear that designers Caroline and Jose are parents: instead of using screws and nails, the chairs fit together with wooden biscuits and hidden joints, meaning safe seating for little ones.

The Colonial House Chair [12] by Paloma’s Nest includes classic Americana style with square windows, a slanted roof, and class chimney. The Modern [13] features an edgier, more minimalist silhouette with three small cut-out windows, but still maintains a comfortable shape for kids to sit in. The Victorian [14] includes romantic, dollhouse-reminiscent details such as arching cut out windows and doors and a turreted roof. Whether you stick to one style or create a neighborhood with mismatched chairs, kids will love these chairs that double as houses for their toys and dolls.

+ The Colonial House Chair $228.00 [12]

+ The Modern House Chair $228.00 [13]

+ The Victorian House Chair $228.00 [14]

+ Paloma’s Nest [8]