Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal on Saturday, 18 girls from the group home of the Unatti Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing food, shelter, and education to orphaned and underprivileged children in Nepal, have sprung into action to feed people during the horrendous aftermath. With the help of the foundation’s staff, the girls are currently providing rice and dal (a lentil dish) to 3,500 Nepalese in need. Ranging in age from 4-20 years old, these young humanitarians have also been distributing the first aid kits that the organization recently received from Girl Scouts troops in the United States. Additionally, one of their own group home members, who is studying to be a nurse, is providing medical assistance. The generosity and big-heartedness of these girls, who often arrive at the foundation after having been rescued from child labor or trafficking, is both inspiring and humbling. According to Unatti Foundation founder, photographer, and mom Stephanie Waisler-Rubin,”They have a purpose now – they’re helping their community and they feel like they’re making a difference.”

Thankfully, all of the group home members as well as the Unatti Foundation staff are all safe, despite their proximity to the earthquake’s epicenter. If you would like to donate to the organization’s relief efforts, please visit the Unatti Foundation page.

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