Argington won Inhabitat’s BKLYN Designs ‘Best Kids Design’ Award in May and it hasn’t slowed down since. Argington has just announced the launch of its Bam Collection, a 10-piece nursery furniture line designed by husband and wife team Jenny Argie and Andrew Thornton to embody the grace of the art nouveau movement. Made from solid birch and birch ply wood (for ebony and white finishes), or solid bamboo wood, and certified to be free of formaldehyde emissions, the Bam Collection includes everything you need to outfit your bambino’s suite, including a bassinet, crib, changing table, wardrobe, and dresser.

Argington Bam Collection, Convertible Crib, Eco Crib, eco friendly nursery

To keep up with your baby’s growth spurts—and save some cash for the college fund—you can also purchase additional conversion kits that transform your bassinet into a crib, and your crib into a toddler bed. If you love a bargain (and who doesn’t?), Argington is offering its bassinet, crib conversion kit, and changing table for $984. Available for pre-order, the Bam Collection will begin shipping in November.

+ Bam Collection $19.50-$1,349

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