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NEW! Biodegradable gWipes Baby Wipes from gDiapers

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Eco-friendly gDiapers products are a favorite here at Inhabitots. We love everything from their flushable diapers [9] and washable gCloth diaper inserts [10] to their stylish diaper cover options ranging from summer frills [11] to patriotic [12] to sophisticated [13]! And the company has just launched another boast worthy product: biodegradable gWipes baby wipes [14]. gWipes [14] are hypo-allergenic, as well as fragrance-, chlorine-,  and alcohol free, and they help clean babe’s tiny tush with a hint of Aloe vera and vitamin E. gWipes [14] are made of cellulose pulp and regenerated cellulose, and wet wipes may be home composted.

+ gWipes 70 count package $3.99 [15]

+ gWipes [14]

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