Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln: both of these historical greats are known for what they accomplished as adults, but what happened during their childhood to help them develop into such important figures is much less known. Brad Meltzer’s series “Ordinary People Change the World” offers a glimpse into the younger years of these impressive people as well as their later deeds. From the little known (but true) story of how Abraham Lincoln stood up to some peers who were torturing a turtle to the also-true story of how a young Amelia Earhart built a homemade roller coaster, readers will delight in the way that historical figures are made relatable — and the charming and humorous illustrations really tie the tale together. Meltzer was inspired to write these stories while searching for approachable heroes for his own children, and we’re thrilled he found a way to use outstanding people of the past to become role models for our children today. Next up in the series will be Rosa Parks.

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