We’ve got the exclusive scoop about the newest green baby gear to hit the market! The ingenious and innovative Bounce ‘n Blend from Greenglo Plus Designs harnesses your baby’s bouncy glee (in conjunction with the suns rays) and channels it to power a baby food processor! So, eco parents, there are no more excuses for not making baby’s food from scratch, getting baby enough exercise, or making sure your little one gets his daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun! Read more about this exciting invention after the jump!

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The Bounce ‘n Blend is super easy to use!

1) Simply strap your baby into the Bounce ‘n Blend as you would any standard baby bouncer, and place him in direct sunlight between the hours of 10am and 4pm, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

2) Fill the baby food processor with steamed carrots or any other soft organic fruit or vegetable, flip the power switch of the attached baby food processor to “on,” and in just 2 hours time, baby’s lunch will be whipped up!

Note: The amount of time it takes to puree the food in the processor may vary due to how active or inactive your baby is. The more she bounces about, the more she’ll help juice up the food processor with her energy. We suggest using the Bounce ‘n Blend when your baby is at her most active, to get the best results.

Advisory: Please be sure to slather baby in a natural SPF to protect his delicate skin from the solar rays needed to power the Bounce ‘n Blend, and consider shielding his bald head with an eco-friendly baby sun hat.

Use Bounce ‘n Blend and you’ll have the fittest, tannest, best fed baby on the block!

+ Bounce ‘n Blend retails for $149.95 and is sold exclusively at April Fools Baby Warehouse