If you’re a green mom-to-be, one of the best ways to ensure that everyone knows you want to bring baby up with eco-friendly gear is through your baby registry. And now, there’s a new way to send a hint to all potential gifters: BabyList. This new online baby registry lets you register for any store on the web — seriously — any store. While green, handmade, organic baby goods are slim pickings at most of the big box stores that have the big baby registry engines, when the whole web is available to your registry you’ll finally be able to make a list of the stuff you really want. Want to know how it works?

To get started you have to add a button to your Firefox browser. I know what you’re thinking — you don’t want to download anything. I thought that too, but seriously, just follow the how-to instructions. The process is a no brainer, and the button is hardly a burden on your browser. Once you have the BabyList link in your browser (which takes one second), shop around to all your favorite Etsy shops and other green sites. When you’re on a page of a product you like, simply click the button that’s now in your browser and a little BabyList box will pop up to add it to your registry all the while keeping you on the same page you’re browsing.

So what does this mean? Your registry can include goodies from independent online retailers like Etsy, Giggle, The Little Seed, and even the Inhabitat Shop. And as if that’s not cool enough, you can also add services like green housecleaning, organic grocery delivery or a postpartum doula — all stuff you’ll appreciate 100 times more than a stack of cute baby socks when it comes right down to it. The folks at BabyList even created an sample list inspired by our blogging here at Inhabitots.

Once you have your perfect green baby registry you can share it with your friends and family, add your address so they know where to send your presents, check to see what has and has not been purchased and add a note to say thanks for stopping by.

+ Inhabitots Inspired BabyList

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