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Gween Gwomies (shown above) is a 20-piece set of mix and match stacking trees that may form more than 200 combinations. Picazee is an ‘artistic zebra with a hidden secret,’ with removable rings that teach colors and matching. Gusto is a stacking ring windmill with a rotating fan, (available in red, orange and green colors), Alfinx is a tiger with an affinity for words, when kids spin his stripes, they can create an assortment of words, and Zarafu is a giraffe whose neck is numbered for stacking and counting rings, adding and subtracting.

All Gween Toys are made by hand from sustainable wood and colored with pigments from the roots, bark and leaves of native plants. They contain no synthetic materials, glues, metals or plastics, and they are housed in packaging made with recyclable materials — the inside of the packaging boasts a coloring activity.

Thanks to Gween Toys, for making their collection of affordable, eco-friendly toys  available to a wide-array of consumers through Amazon.

+ Gween Toys on Amazon $14-$25

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