The Wood Garden’s sustainably harvested, handcrafted maple baby spoon and bowl set is just the thing for little ones who are experiencing their first foods and for their parents, who can feed baby without worrying about toxins leaching from the bowl into the food.  Both spoon and bowl will double as toys for tea parties and imaginative play time — we can see Goldilocks spooning out porridge right now. And the story of The Wood Garden sounds slightly familiar: Girl meets boy in high school art class. Girl and boy marry, have kids, discover need for toys and accessories that are healthier for their children and the earth, and create an Etsy business from their home workshop. Husband and wife team Chris and Laura handcraft toys and dishes from sustainably farmed trees never using paints or dyes, and toys and dishes are finished with a homemade beeswax finish.

+ Maple Baby Spoon and Bowl Set $25.50

+ The Wood Garden