Kaiku Design just debuted a new collection of Rolling toys that are great playroom and backyard equipment for every child — and a parent’s best tool for encouraging clean-up! Your little one can take her Stroll Kart Rolling Toy to the pretend grocery store and fill it with 10 pounds worth of goodies, take her stuffed pals for a ride, or use it to make toy wrangling a snap at the end of a busy day. The Push Pull Rolling Toy which holds even more fun (40 pounds) can be used to haul a hearty stack of books or blocks, and the Zen Super Wagon Rolling Toy puts a modern spin on a classic wagon, providing superior comfort and ergonomics for passengers and drivers!

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Each piece in the Kaiku Design collection of rolling toys is made with formaldehyde-free Baltic birch and non-toxic paints and finishes. The Stroll Kart comes with a cotton-poly soft bucket insert and non-marking soft urethane wheels to keep your floors scuff-free. The Push Pull rolling toy is equipped with an easy to grasp natural rope handle and the same non-marking soft urethane wheels. The Zen Super Wagon has natural rubber air-filled tires and weather and corrosion resistant hardware — making it perfect for outdoor adventures and jaunts.

All of Kaiku‘s rolling toys encourage gross motor skills, coordination and social play — including how to work with others cooperatively. Additionally, when used for a task like clean-up, the rolling toys can help your child develop a sense of independence and self-confidence in his/her own abilities.

+ Stroll Kart Rolling Toy from Kaiku Design  $149

+ Push Pull Rolling Cart from Kaiku Designs  $165

+ Zen Super Wagon $319

+ Kaiku Design