Last month we reported that LEGO unveiled its first disabled minifigure. The young man in a wheelchair wasn’t the only groundbreaking character in their ‘Fun at the Park’ set: there’s also an infant in a baby carriage being pushed by a bearded stay-at-home dad — accompanied by a mom holding a bottle and wearing professional attire — hinting that she works outside the home, in addition to working as a mother. These minifigures are all part of LEGO’s plan to “mirror the world we live in today,” and with more than two million stay-at-home dads in the U.S., we agree with the company’s wise decision to diversify their minifigures to include this growing population. The stay-at-home dad figure could be a positive step in introducing varied role models to young kids, and could even encourage boys to think of the world of childrearing as a desirable, accessible one. My one quibble with the characters is their inability to explain the complex, evolving professional lives I personally see everyday among friends: a lawyer mom who leaves early each day to pick up her child from school, a dad who works from home as a computer programmer, a couple who work different shifts so that someone can be home with the kids at all times, the numerous parents who try to find a little post-work family time at the park every day. But, perhaps that’s a little too much to expect from 1 1/2 inches of plastic.

Lead image via Buzz60

via USA Today and Fortune