It’s a Christmas miracle! A French company has finally created slippers that spare parents the agony associated with stepping on a LEGO. The limited edition slippers will be distributed as part of a holiday promotion in conjunction with LEGO France, so those of us in the rest of the world have to cross our fingers and hope that another company picks up on this clever idea. Kids must fill out a holiday LEGO wish list on the LEGO France website; the slippers will be randomly distributed to 1,500 lucky recipients, who can get into the holiday spirit knowing that their tender feet will not be assaulted by little pieces of plastic. The yellow and red slippers come emblazoned with the LEGO logo, but most desperate parents couldn’t care less what the slippers look like as long as they work. Truly, we think that every LEGO set around the globe should automatically come with a pair of these slippers. You hear that, Santa?

via The Huffington Post

Images © Brand Station/LEGO/Piwee