We’re big fans of Petit Collage, both for their whimsical designs and green-sensibility. When shopping for green art pieces, you can’t beat the value of Petit Collage, an eco-smart and affordable choice. If you haven’t had the pleasure of owning anything from Petit Collage, their brand new ‘My Favorite Things’ posters for boys and girls is a delightful place to start. We’re so smitten with this artwork that we’re selling it in the Inhabitat Shop! The adorable My Favorite Things poster for boys is shown above, and highlights boy-minded fun, such as crawling ants, toy cars, and drums.

$30 from the Inhabitatshop >

The ‘My Favorite Things’ girls poster has soothing sweet colors and features all kinds of fun, such as a crown for a queen, raindrops, and jacks. Each ‘My Favorite Things’ poster is printed in Portland, Oregon on 100% recycled paper with soy inks. The posters come frame-free. Petit Collage founder Lorena Siminovich, created Petit Collage in 2006, and the company now carries a multitude of beautiful and sustainable mobiles, green ABC posters, and eco collages. One cool thing about Petit Collage is that all the pieces mix and match wonderfully. So, if your child adores the My Favorite Things poster, you can easily find more artwork to complement it at Petit Collage.

$30 from the Inhabitat Shop

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