Grasping the concept of time is confusing for little kids. A second, a minute, next year, tomorrow, next month, Saturday…  how can they keep it all straight? One way to get your kids started on a path to understanding time is to discuss a calendar on a daily basis. You could make a homemade calendar, but then you wouldn’t have an excuse to snag a brand new, cute 2010 Critter Calendar from Night Owl Paper Goods (shown above). This calendar is perfect for kids; made of hearty sustainable birch — not easily torn paper — and the adorable critters will keep kids coming back for more each month of the year.

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Night Owl Paper GoodsCritter Calendar is a 12 month calendar printed on thinly sliced eco-friendly sustainably harvested yellow birch wood, and the manufacturing process uses no water and very little power. Wood grain varies from month to month, as do the sweet animal characters. The set consists of 6 flat wooden cards printed on both sides to conserve wood and comes with a clear display case. Families will also enjoy the 2010 Pattern Calendar. Night Owl Paper Goods calendars make an excellent, economical eco-friendly holiday gift too!

+ 2010 Critter Calendar $24

+ 2010 Pattern Calendar $24

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