Oeuf has officially launched their greenest line of furniture to date: the Robin Collection. One of the most exciting details about the line is that it’s both eco-friendly and eco-nomical! Made in Europe from 100% sustainable wood and 100% natural water-based paints, the Robin Collection features a crib, dresser and a toddler bed conversion kit which will keep your babe snoozing in sustainable, affordable style from infancy to five years old. Let’s talk money savings after the jump!

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Treehugger reports that the husband/wife design team behind Oeuf, “struggled and strived to keep the price of the Robin Collection down while preserving quality and adaptability. Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan “went back to the drawing board, rethinking every component to minimize cost without sacrificing functionality, safety, and style.”

There is an ample price difference between Oeuf’s Classic Collection and their Robin Collection. Robin Collection crib: $565, Robin Collection dresser: $585, Conversion Kit for changing crib to toddler bed: $145. Their Classic Collection price points are as follows: crib: $890-$920, dresser: $1100, conversion kit: $240.

Oeuf is no stranger to Inhabitots. We’ve dressed our little cherubs in Oeuf’s baby angels slippers and angel wing sweater, gone gaga for their Fair Trade knits, and raved about Oeuf’s Classic Collection. We’re thrilled to see the company continues to outdo themselves with a desire to bring sustainably designed goods to the marketplace, at an affordable price point — making it that much easier for parents and families to adopt a green lifestyle.

Now available for pre-order, for delivery in August, you won’t want to wait to fill your child’s nursery with the Robin Collection.

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