Enchant little ones with ocean pals from the new By the Sea collection from Under the Nile. A colorful octopus, fun starfish and friendly seahorse will all soon become your little beachcomber’s favorite go-to pals — and as a green parent you can rest easy knowing these toys are made by eco-friendly company Under the Nile. The Organic Scraptopus, Organic Starfish and Organic Seahorse are all plump, soft, and adorable; made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton and child-safe dyes, which means your child can hug and chew on these creatures with zero worry about harmful pesticides and chemicals.

+ Organic Scraptopus from Under The Nile $13.99

+ Organic Starfish from Under The Nile $8.99

+ Organic Seahorse from Under The Nile $10.99

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