A well-made baby carrier is one of our top must have gear picks for new parents. If said carrier is eco-friendly and hyper -stylish, well, all the better – lucky for you, a new line of eco-friendly baby carriers from Petunia Pickle Bottom has got you covered on both fronts. The Sightseer carrier is available in five amazingly sweet vintage-inspired certified organic cotton prints while the Tour Guide, crafted from a recycled polyester shell (PET), and a recycled nylon liner, will satisfy your reuse sensibility.

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Best of all, both the Sightseer and Tour Guide help you look like you’ve got this parenting deal down to a fast science. Most baby carriers are super hard to put on. However, the Petunia Pickle Bottom eco-friendly carriers slip right over your head just like a comfy organic tee, which means no more dancing around in public as you awkwardly grab at dangling baby carrier straps and hooks. Other cool features of the new carriers include:

  • Lightweight and adjustable for both mom and dad.
  • Each style works for infants between 8 and 22 lbs.
  • Color-coordinating custom hardware, time and fittings are seamlessly integrated.
  • Simple easy-to-use buckle system allows you to snap baby into place facing inward or out.
  • Secure infant leg button for babies 8-11 pounds.
  • Machine washable on cold. Save energy!

+ Sightseer $110.00

+ Tour Guide $99.00

+ Petunia Pickle Bottom