Hey parents! Are you super annoyed that you have to wait 18 whole years before shelling out thousands of dollars for your child’s college education? Well, have we got some good news for you! If you live in NYC, you can enroll your BABY in the brand new Explore+Discover private school for the awesome price of $2,791 per week. Need us to break that down for you? That’s a whopping $11,164 per month. Assuming your child attends all year, minus summer break, that’s $100,476 annually. As Mail Online points out, just to compare, yearly tuition fees at Harvard University are $43,938. Still, maybe this is a fair price to pay for… wait, what exactly are you paying for? Well, the school, located in Manhattan’s affluent Gramercy Park neighborhood, caters only to 80 wee babes at a time, between the ages of 3 months and 23 months. Exclusive! The school space itself is guided by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, which promotes physical spaces as having a profound impact on learning. Thus, each classroom and outdoor space is designed to invite exploration, sharing and personal connection. Then there’s the curriculum. Keep reading to see what your baby will learn at this school.

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The 5,000 square-foot school’s focus is to “Engage infants and young toddlers and unleash their natural curiosity.” Honestly, you can unleash a baby or toddler’s curiosity with a free recycled cardboard box, laundry basket or inexpensive play silk, but that aside, because we’ll assume you’d like to pay $100,476 for a baby school, here’s what Explore+Discover’s curriculum focuses on:

  • Multiple classrooms with age appropriate sensory experiences and other facilities designed with a child’s point of view in mind.
  • Materials that are inspiring, provocative and developmentally appropriate.
  • A Spanish language program.
  • An art oriented curriculum.
  • An onsite outdoor play space that provides inspired sand and water play, experiences with sound and appropriate gross motor challenges.
  • A vibrant and welcoming community of teachers, parents and early childhood education enthusiasts.

Further, the school supports a child’s growing ability to use their hands. “Navigating the playground, using utensils, holding a paintbrush, making marks on paper and playing a drum” and like-minded sensory skills and experiences are important focuses of the staff, especially since, as the school notes, these, “Learning experiences prepare infants and toddlers for the complex emotional, cognitive, linguistic and physical skills they will need in preschool and beyond.”  If you’re interested, check out the admissions process, but soon, because with just 80 spots available, time is of the essence.

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+ Source: Daily Mail

+ Explore+Discover

+ Yeah it’s April, but this is NOT our April Fools Day Joke! It’s the real deal

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