Parents spend hours agonizing over the right crib or stroller, analyzing all its features and aesthetics in anticipation of the little person who will use it. The top designs often cost top dollar, but after a few months or years, every family’s needs change and most items end up in storage or, worse, the trash.  Enter reCrib, a newly launched online marketplace that offers an eco-friendly solution for giving a new life to gently used baby and kids gear. reCrib’s user-friendly site includes details on each item for sale, including the condition, year purchased, and the zip code for the seller. The buyer and seller are responsible for arranging pick-up or delivery. Most of the items currently up on the site are from sellers in the New York City area, but you can list or buy items from anywhere in the States.

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Currently on reCrib, there are deals including Netto Collection cribs for up to 64% off of retail price and Phil and Ted’s strollers for up to 50% off.  Some sellers post pictures of their items so you can see for yourself exactly what you are buying; otherwise, you are taking their word when you make a purchase.

reCrib founders Danielle and Michelle Lehman have an well-seasoned eye for design-they were the stylish brains behind Clio, the now-shuttered, beloved Soho home store.  More importantly, as parents of two young children in New York City, the Lehmans also know all about limited storage space and the desire to keep their furniture, toys, and all those other baby and kid accessories out of landfills and into the homes of other fashionable, thrifty families.

As far as posting your own gear, there’s an app for that, but you can also fill out a form online through reCrib’s website. Check reCrib out now — your first three listings are free during their April launch. After that, fees begin at $2.99 per listing or up to items for $10.99. So get that gently used gear out of storage and recycle it through reCrib. You’ll be doing the green thing while you earn some green.