Spark your child’s creativity and problem solving skills with Seedling kits from Kid O, the same company that offers amazing wooden toddler books and educational wooden toys. Each inclusive kit made for preschoolers and up is packed with idea sparking goodies guaranteed to keep kids engaged on the snowiest or rainiest “I’m bored” kind of days. The Wooden People Family Kit shown above, for example, includes colored pencils, felt pieces and thread to design a wooden doll family. Read on to find out what other types of kits Seedling offers for boys and girls.

When the weather isn’t frightful, the Outdoor Adventure Kit will encourage kids to get outside to explore and observe everything from bugs to the weather. Included inside are an LED headlamp, a magnifying glass, tips for keeping a nature journal and more. With a vast array of kits you’re sure to find one perfect for your kid including Design Your Own Superhero Cape, Create Your Own Designer Doll, Fashion Designer’s Kit, Visual Diary and Build Your Own Kaleidoscope. All Kid O products are tested for safety and meet or exceed European standards. Currently only a few kits are available, but more are scheduled to hit stores soon and in time for the holidays.

+ Seedling Kits at Tottini $15 – $40

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