Nothing captures and celebrates the timeless charm and enchanting spirit of little girls quite like Periwinklebloom clothing. Their 100% organic cotton toddler garments are homegrown and handcrafted in the U.S. Each piece has a ‘lovely little hand-me-down’ vibe reminiscent of a bygone era, due to the vintage bits of fabric strewn throughout their designs. Their use of vegetable based inks and clean energy rounds out the inspired, eco-conscious production of this simply lovely line.

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While most toddlers are typically dressed in bold colors and patterns: vibrant pinks and rainbow stripes, Periwinklebloom’s collection offers a refreshing change from the norm by embracing subdued hues – shades of cream and coffee, which allow the child wearing them to take center stage. Tailored to allow a generous fit and embellished with lush textures, each garment is a breathtaking work of art, and your daughter is the perfect frame.

The Periwinklebloom collection is created with care in small editions, with the notion that ‘less is indeed more.’ Their 100% organic cotton Gathered Dress, shown below, is an elegant essential for your little girl’s wardrobe, which may be layered or worn alone in its simplistic beauty. Periwinklebloom’s unique Neck Cozy modeled at the top of this post, will keep your little cherub looking angelic and feeling warm with its thickest fleece inside and out. Both of these items may be cherished as keepsakes long after your daughter has outgrown them… and she may even pass them on to her own daughter one day.

We love that Periwinklebloom proves the eco-friendly concept that a little goes a long way when it comes to both fashion and ‘green’ craftsmanship.

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$38.00-$106.00 from Periwinkle Bloom