Tegu’s new collection of eco-friendly wooden blocks feature clever, hi-tech design via inherent, safely hidden ‘mysterious’ magnets that allow children to create magical 3D like structures that really stack up. When Tegu blocks first hit the toy scene in Fall 2009, the small start-up company was overwhelmed by the sensational response and enthusiasm their blocks received from green parents and kiddos — and they simply couldn’t keep up their supply to fit the overwhelming demand for their product. The result: Tegu closed shop for a bit and the wait-list for their blocks grew to 2000+ eager builders. Today, Tegu is back in business, which is great news for eco kids and parents who are looking for a cool alternative to the typical building block.

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Set apart by their hidden embedded magnets, Tegu Blocks allow kids to build amazingly complex designs and structures that can move, bend and stand up to rough play. Once configured as people, a tank, a car and more these blocks won’t easily break apart. Their strong magnets hold complicated structures in place and will delight kids and adults alike. Working with the polarity of the magnets also provides a great challenge and helps to generate critical thinking skills. Tegu blocks come in varying shapes including fun cubes, long planks, short planks and jumbo planks. They are packaged in an attractive, easy to recycle box, that’s strong enough to use as a carrying case. The box also boasts some fun educational facts for kids to ponder about trees, recycling, Honduras and more.

tegu blocks, tegu, eco-friendly building blocks, green blocks, eco-friendly toy, green toys, green kids, eco kids,  magnet blocks

Benefits and eco-perks of Tegu Blocks:

  • Tegu was launched with the idea of creating a for-profit company based in Honduras that would create a positive social impact through its business efforts such as creating jobs and giving back to the people of Honduras through unique programs.
  • Once you add a set of Tegu blocks to your shopping cart, you are given the opportunity to direct a portion of the proceeds to two Tegu initiatives: the funding of a local forest restoration program and an educational program that helps to send children of Honduras to school. Depending on your choice, with every toy you buy, Tegu will plant 12 trees in Honduras or fund one day of school for a child who would otherwise work on a trash dump near Tegucigalpa.
  • Tegu started off with block sets produced in the USA, while they were in the process of getting their Honduran manufacturing operation up and running. Sets produced in the USA were manufactured using European Beech and Mahogany in a limited run. Now that Tegu Honduras is producing and shipping toys to the USA, Tegu will be using sustainable hardwoods sourced from Honduras and Central America, such as Huesito (Spanish for “little bone”), which is a hardwood found in abundance in Honduras’ forests. Tegu also does limited toy production using safely sourced Mahogany.
  • Tegu also has a recycling program in place. If for any reason, your Tegu product is no longer useful to your family, simply contact Tegu at // <![CDATA[
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    // and the company will gladly pay for shipping to take it off your hands. Rather than sending your toys to sit in a landfill, let Tegu recycle them!
  • Tegu blocks boast a patent-pending solid hardwood construction, which prevents magnets from coming loose and causing safety problems. Although, due to the magnets, these blocks are not recommended for children under age three.

+ Tegu Starter Set (26 blocks) $50

+ Tegu Original Set (52 blocks) $90

+ Tegu Limited Edition Mahogany Set (52 blocks) $125

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