Maternity fashions and trends are pretty consistent, and it’s pretty safe to say that most expectant mothers enjoy the excuse to go shopping and find ways to show off their growing baby bumps. Most of those moms-to-be probably don’t have wearable technology in mind, though, when it comes to their pregnancy wardrobe. Good thing there’s no shortage of designers and engineers staying on top of the needs we didn’t even realize we had! Nuvo-Group, a specialist in the pregnancy wellness industry, unveiled the designs for three pieces of mama-specific wearable technology at the Wearable Tech Show in London this week.

Previously Nuvo-Group wowed us with their Ritmo range, which are basically harnesses that wrap around those glorious baby bumps to play prenatal music to baby in the womb — and they are already on the market at retailers like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. The line has been expanded with the Surround, Beats, and PregSense models.

Surround uses Bluetooth technology to help develop baby’s sense of rhythm, specifically by allowing a mama-to-be to pump righteous tunes straight through her amniotic fluid to baby’s developing ears. Studies do seem to indicate that early exposure to classical music may have a positive impact on a child’s later learning ability, but I’m not sure this is what researchers had in mind when they said “early.”

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Beats, although it sounds like it should be the music-related wearable, is a little more serious. Designed specifically to monitor both baby’s and mom’s heart rates, Beats could actually be helpful to expectant mothers with a concern about possible heart-related conditions, or some other medical need to keep a more constant check on baby’s heartbeat. The Beats system uses a real-time, cloud-based, algorithm to filter the signals it picks up into two heartbeat recordings, unlike traditional Doppler heart monitors which require the user to poke and prod mama like a county fair pig in order to find baby’s heartbeat.

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Lastly, Nuvo-Group presents the PregSense model of their Ritmo line, which is a medical-grade version of Beats with more sophisticated features. The maker’s tout this model as being capable of detecting early signs of problems in pregnancy and they confidently call it “the world’s most advanced multi-modal wearable platform for the continuous and accurate monitoring of vital pregnancy data.”

Pricing on these gestational technologies starts at $180 and ranges up to, well, the unknown, as the price for the PregSense has not yet been released. Although it’s unlikely you know anyone who needs to add these items immediately to their registry, it’s nice to know that designers are considering the health of expectant mothers and yet-to-be-born babes as they research new technologies.

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