Train fever among our kids goes into overdrive during the holiday season: we watch Polar Express, pull out our old model train sets and lay track around the house, and love visiting train-themed holiday displays. This year, we’ll be adding the Holiday Express exhibit at the New-York Historical Society to our list of must-sees. Covering a good portion of the museum’s first floor, the installation includes numerous train sets, scenes, and collectibles from the Jerni Collection, which is the “largest and most comprehensive collection of American and European toys and trains ever assembled.” The exhibit was designed to create an immersive experience and includes multimedia screens featuring large trains in motion and an ambient audio “soundscape” in addition to lots of locomotive eye candy. If some members of your family aren’t exactly crazy about trains, there are plenty of old-fashioned toys to catch their eye and perhaps make them meditate on how different (and low-tech and artfully crafted) playthings used to be. Since it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many treats on view, families can take advantage of the Society’s playful “I Spy” activity to take closer looks at a variety of the trains and toys. If the next few weeks leading up to the holidays are more than a little busy, fear not: the exhibit will be up until February 26, 2017.

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