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Image ©Tom Egan

The eleven colorful sculptures enliven the grassy knoll known as the Parade Grounds on Governors Island. This year’s selection of sculptures range from music makers to problem solving puzzles, invigorating young minds while they play in the idyllic meadow. Visitors can work together to make oversized colorful balls bounce and make noise in “Reverberate” by the team of Chris Neiderer, Maria Rizzolo and Emily Webster. The sustainable wood grid modules house sound platforms that are activated when kids and adults bounce on them. Another sound-sculpture are the five wheels making up “Marimba Wheels.” Designed by Adi Azulay, Levy Lorenzo and Fleeting Dream Art Collective, the wheels can be spun to create different harmonic notes — making a field of sounds when all are spun together. The wheels join “Music Box,” by Kelly and Ashley Goeller, Geddes Levenson, and Alex Nelson a child’s larger than life dream. Like the tiny music makers found in little girls’ jewelry boxes, each of the giant cylinders are outfitted with nubs that, when turned, strike notes on the adjacent steel keys. Two players crank at a time, making beautiful music together, while also giving insight into what makes a music box tick.

The other pieces in the sculpture garden invite interactive play and problem solving. “Scratching the Surface” uses a kinetic seesaw to dig a hole, while Robert Lumsden’s “Gates and Balance” invites young minds to work together to navigate a maze.

There’s something for everyone in the FIGMENT Interactive Sculpture Garden, and best of all — it is completely free! Pack a picnic and head over on the free ferry for a day of fun in the grass at beautiful Governors Island.

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