An unassuming photo bomber has created one of the most adorable newborn photo shoots ever! Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was setting up a cozy shot of one month-old baby Connor, when a forest friend wandered into the scene. Often coaxed by Rion’s assistant with an ear of corn, Maggie the deer has been a welcome surprise guest star in many memorable photo shoots.

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The idyllic forested land of Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, Louisiana seems like the perfect location for an ethereal photo shoot celebrating new life. But when Mother Nature has a few surprises, the memorable photo shoot becomes downright magical.

The docile animal is a cared-for rescue deer who regularly roams the forested lands of the state park. Bullied when young by other deer, Maggie was delivered to the park as a rescue, and had been hand-fed by her adoptive humans back to health. This constant proximity to other humans has made the animal gentle, patient and approachable.

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During little Connor’s photo session, Maggie began to approach the set and sniff around. Rion’s assistant quickly ad libbed, grabbing a piece of corn from the set and using it to “direct” Maggie to look at the camera. The resulting pictures will be cherished by Connor’s parents for a lifetime.

The friendly Maggie has made an appearance in Rion’s photo sessions before, and she is always a welcome addition to the shot!

+ Megan Rion, Imagine That Photography

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