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After searching Pinterest for ideas, Windsor crocheted hats and capes for her little patients and also made backdrops from scraps of fabric for the photo shoots. Windsor carefully dressed the babies according to their medical needs, photographing the ones who need oxygen or IVs in the comfort of their own beds. Among the costumed superheroes, witches, and princesses were three sets of twins.

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Unsurprisingly, the parents of the babies were thrilled with the photos and welcomed the adorable images. Finding a costume tiny enough to fit a preemie is a daunting task, and NICU parents are more focused on the well-being of their babies than on getting into the spirit of Halloween.

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As a veteran NICU nurse, Windsor knows how difficult it is for parents to return home while their baby continues to receive care at the hospital, and she was pleased that she was able to bring them happiness and a visual souvenir of when their tot was just beginning to realize his or her superhero powers. As for Windsor, she’s already on to planning for the winter holidays and making sure the preemies have cozy winter hats in time for their visit from Santa!

via Today, People, and Catawba Medical Center’s Center for Women and Children Facebook page