All the world is a child’s playground, and fittingly Nike is making it effortless for kids to have a ball playing the planet’s most popular sport even if there’s no field in sight. Nike has teamed up with Spanish media agency Doubleyou to create a laser-projected pitch that can be beamed up instantaneously in urban areas in Spain for youth to play an impromptu match. Players in Spain who want the laser-projected field can use a mobile app or travel to the Nike #mipista website to request the service. A van equipped with a crane will then roll up to the requested site, raise the arm, and beam the lines down onto the space. A pair of nets can even be uploaded to set up proper goals.

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While the lasers only show up clearly around dusk, it gives future soccer stars a chance to develop their athletic skills, and blow off some steam after a hard day of studying. They can stay connected with their peers, get some exercise, and engage in a healthy activity that emphasizes teamwork. On their end, Nike gets a chance to advertise in a socially productive manner and associate their brand with real, positive experiences.

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Images via Nike #mipista