What’s better than stylish baby furniture that treads lightly on the earth? How about stylish baby furniture that is fun, playful and celebrates the earth’s creatures, all while maintaining a small environmental footprint? We love this Zebra crib by Ninetonine design for this exact reason. Forgoing the same-old same-old jail bar crib design that characterizes the majority of cribs these days, Ninetonine’s zoomorphic Zebra crib brings a safari spirit to your nursery, with a crib that literally looks like it is about to take off on a gallop across the savannah.

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The best part of Ninetonine’s design is that form always equals function, and nothing is gratuitious. The zebra’s ‘head’ is not simply decorate, but is a handle and tray for bottles and anything else that you want to keep close at hand but out of baby’s reach. The ‘tail’ is a set of shelves with a classy set of wheels so that this crib is easy to move around. The crib is made from sustainably sourced oak and pine, with non-toxic lacquers and paints. In true sustainable spirit, this crib can easily be converted to a day bed when your little one outgrows the need for a crib.

Ninetonine is a Spanish husband and wife team of architects who decided to create a line of fun, well-designed chidlren’s furniture when they were pregnant with their first child and couldn’t find anything they would want to buy for themselves.

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