Nivea Sun Kids, a child’s sun protection product has an innovative ad campaign in place that was co-created by Nivea and FCB Brasil. The new “Ad Shield” is a print ad that can be ripped out of a magazine and used as a child-tracking wristband that warns parents if their kids stray too far away, say at the beach or on a hike. The “Ad Shield,” a unique advertisement, made with special moisture-resistant paper and a built-in locator device, needs to be synchronized with the NIVEA Sun Protege application, after which a parent can program the distance they choose, and when their child exceeds the distance limit, the application issues an alert right to the parent’s smartphone. Tatiana Ponce, director of marketing and trade NIVEA Brazil notes, “The goal of NIVEA is offering benefits that go beyond skin care. This listing is an example, an innovative and directly linked to our positioning idea that will help parents and children to enjoy the best sunset with comfort and safety.” No word yet if this ad will be made available to American families, but it did run for the subscribers of the magazine Veja Rio.

+ Source: Springwise