Plastic alphabet refrigerator magnets were staple toys of our generation, but we can give our toddlers a highly improved set of numbers and letters to help them learn to count, spell and read. Felt alphabet and felt number sets from MiChiMa feature colorful letters and numbers that are easy for small hands to maneuver. They are available in a brilliant array of rainbow colors or black and white, and there are endless uses for them around the house as educational and decorating tools.

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Spanish Alphabet, German Alphabet, and Swedish alphabet sets are available for blossoming bilinguals as well! Letters and numbers may be used on the table or floor to help teach your child reading and math skills, or MiChiMa will magnetize them for use on the fridge. MiChiMa letters and numbers are also excellent for craft projects such as homemade mobiles or to personalize your child’s mirror or bulletin board. As with any small toy, these felt letters and numbers should be used with supervision, and they are intended for use by children 3 years and older.

+ Felt ABC Sets $18-$60

+ Felt Number & Math Sets $14-$40

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