There’s no better time than Halloween to try a set of Lyra Face Paint Pencils. Face paints are a great, ‘green’ Halloween choice, because you may use them long after Halloween has come and gone. Your little one can play dress-up year round with these fun face paint pencils; and this beats buying a costume mask that your child may only wear once. Besides, it’s tough to find non-toxic, organic masks and costumes. With these face paint pencils, your child can become a beautiful butterfly, an army cadet, a cute kitty cat… the possibilities are as endless as her imagination.

Lyra Face Paint Pencils are dermatologically tested, they are not tested on animals, and they are certified non-toxic by the Art and Creative Materials Institute. These face paint pencils may be washed off your child’s face with just mild soap and water.

There are three color sets available:

  • Basic Set: red, green, yellow, blue, white and black
  • Plus Set: orange, pink, purple, brown, gold, and silver
  • Pearl Set: glossy colors of bronze, green, turquoise, blue, magenta, and copper

*Additional bonus: If you’ve got three little ones, that’s three costumes… and if you’re not making your own, you could end up spending a lot of money on Halloween. Compare costume prices with the cost effectiveness of one box of face paint pencils for the whole family, and you’ll discover that face paints are a stellar bargain.

Lyra Face Paint Pencils are available for just $14.95 at Eco Toy Town. In case they run out, (due to their popularity during Halloween season) you can also find Lyra Face Paint Pencils at: