Finnish designer Meri Von Renteln’s goal was to bring a conceptual brand of children’s furniture to the market; a brand based on consuming less, timeless design and amazing quality. Thus, Nonjetable was born. Nonjetable offers many pieces, but the crowning glory of this brand in our minds? The Nonjetable Adaptable Bed in Birch. The bed, available in stunning black or a calmer whitened shade, offers a space-saving all-in-one design that includes a spot to sleep, storage and a play area for your child.

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The Nonjetable Adaptable Bed in Birch is an entire set of furniture for children from 3 years up to adolescence and even older – translation – you save money and this is a low-impact set. Why buy new furniture over and over? This set offers two adjustable sleeping sized spaces; a baby and toddler bed and a junior or teen bed. The set’s three large storage areas can be used with the bed or for other storage purposes – the two side chests can serve as bedside tables and the chest at the end of the bed can serve as either a bench or a table. The head of this bed has an extra panel at the side which helps prevents your child from falling out of bed and allows for a feeling of security. For parent ease, this bedroom set is long lasting and can be cleaned easily with simple soap and water.

+ Nonjetable Adaptable Bed in Black Birch from 1254.18 €

+ Nonjetable Adaptable Bed in Whitened Birch from 1254.18 €

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