Handcrafted in Virginia by designer Alessandra Gutierrez, aka “Lala,” Noonies are the coziest spot for newborns to land after leaving the womb. Made from 100% organic fabrics and a sumptuously soft organic sherpa lining, Noonies are designed to swaddle baby in familiar security. 30 inches long and 15 inches wide at its broadest point, a Noonie is large enough to comfort babes past the newborn stage — and will also make an ideal post-bathtime haven to keep baby warm this winter. Nestled peacefully into a Noonie, babes won’t be resting on their laurels — a portion of Lala’s Pequenos sales is donated to the Rainmaker Conservation Project to help preserve the rain forest in Costa Rica, of which Lala owns 1500 acres.

Note: Noonies are not intended for sleeping babies.

+ Organic Noonies $62

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