Artisan and German designer Norbert Verneuer’s studio only produces an exclusive number of beautiful dollhouses and furniture sets each year — so it’s worth searching to get your hands on some of his work. His lovely and enchanting curved dollhouse is made from all-natural, finely sanded Pine and Alder woods and finished with natural oils, waxes and glazes, so it’s safe, healthy and a real heirloom. The little home features a wonderfully curvy roof along with a removable balcony. The multiple levels have integrated stairs that beg children to come and play, plus sparks their creative thinking and imagination. Verneuer’s beautiful dollhouse furniture sets are sold separately, and with a living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen to choose from, they’re perfect additions to this swooping dollhouse.

+ Dollhouse with Balcony $250.00

+ Norbert Verneuer