When you are raising a vegetarian or vegan family, it’s only a matter of time before tots start asking questions about where meat comes from and why your family doesn’t eat it. Not a Nugget, a new book by blogger Veegmama, provides the answers clearly and sensitively so that even young ones can understand why creatures like pigs, fish, and chickens are friends and not food. With sweet, pastoral portraits of the animals to accompany the text, Not a Nugget provides compelling reasons for children (and the adults reading to them) to consider their food choices. Pigs, for example, are extremely smart and love to play video games using a joystick; chickens will play their own version of “football” when given a ball or an apple to pass around. The text is simple enough for younger children to understand and they will especially be drawn to the charming illustrations, yet the book also provides enough detail and food for thought on the complex lives of animals to keep older children intrigued as well. Not a Nugget is a great foundational book for veg families or for families looking to transition to vegetarianism or veganism and will become a beloved “Can we read it again?” volume from your child’s bookcase. It’s also a helpful book to have on hand to share with school friends or perhaps to pack for family gatherings with relatives who also have trouble grasping the concept of a meatless lifestyle.

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