Wooden LEGO sets seem to be items of urban legend; but the Interlocking Blocks available at Nova Natural offer similar stacking fun. The pieces combine the natural color and feel of wooden blocks with a pared down version of the dowel and hole locking system that made those plastic Danish toys so famous.

interlocking wooden blocks, lego, nova natural, wooden lego

Each and every piece is “handmade by the villagers of Camphill Village.” But, before the mention of a “village” takes you down a rural lane in a tropical setting, you should note that Camphill Village was founded by Karl Konig as “an intentional community for adults with developmental disabilities (villagers),” and is located in verdant New York State.

interlocking wooden blocks, lego, nova natural, wooden lego

With the intention to keep the toys as organic as possible, parents should not expect to find intricate Bionicles-type pieces, or expansive DUPLOpolises. Though, the Interlocking Blocks work well when paired with other wooden toys made at Camphill Village (such as the Little Tripper Truck or the Heavy Hauler). The sets claim to be nothing more than fun, simple wooden blocks with a twist.

Interlocking Block sets retail for $24.90 – $44.90 at the Nova Naturals website.

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