With over 50 years of combined labor and delivery nursing experience, Kimberly Jarrelle, Deborah Burbic and Jess Niccoli have seen a lot of babies being born, and their desire to facilitate immediate skin to skin contact between mothers and babies helped inspire them to invent a unique C-section drape. Although skin to skin contact between mother and baby immediately after delivery has been shown to help with a variety of health and mental benefits (including breastfeeding, attachment, and the release of oxytocin to stop postpartum bleeding), women who have C-sections often have to wait 5-30 minutes before they are able to hold their new baby due to concern over maintaining a sterile, surgical environment. Jarrelle, Burbic, and Niccoli’s Skin to Skin C-Section Drape features a logical and simple-looking design that allows the baby to pass through to the mother to begin skin to skin contact, without compromising anyone’s safety.

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The three nurses, who formed Clever Medical to spread the word about their design, went through about 50 prototypes before deciding on their current model, which uses the strongest level of fabric for surgical draping in their patent-pending invention and includes Velcro fasteners and a custom-size opening for the ease and safe passage of the baby. For women who know in advance they need to have a C-section, the drape allows them a more certain option for seeing their baby sooner and without having to wait until the recovery room to hold them. The Skin to Skin C-section drapes don’t appear to be available for individual purchase, but you can ask your hospital in advance if they would provide these beneficial drapes for closer contact with baby immediately after birth.

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