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Hollie Velten-Lattrell and Penelope Lou (11 months)

Breastfeeding Tip for New Moms: “Have daddy help you set up “stations” for breastfeeding. We identified key areas (the rocking chair, the couch, the patio) and he would fill up a fresh glass of water, charge up my phone in the closest outlet and leave a magazine or book so I’d be all set and settled when I sat down. It made it more relaxing, easier to focus and stay put.”

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Favorite Breastfeeding Product: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

“I used this system for the first 6 months or so, and then a hand pump was key to tote around in my purse,” says Velten-Lattrell.

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Katie Miles and Ruby (8 months)

Breastfeeding Tip for New Moms: “Listen to your instincts. I think you could apply this advice to all aspects of parenting, but it’s especially true for breastfeeding. I imagined breastfeeding to be a natural and effortless process and while I’ve had many intimate, loving moments feeding my daughter, the beginning it wasn’t all rocking chairs and sun-drenched bliss.  It took time and trusting my instincts to know what was best.  You know more than you think you do.”
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Favorite Breastfeeding Product: Lansinoh Breast Pads

“Someone gave me a box of these at my baby shower and it was great to have some on hand right away for the inevitable leakage before my body had calibrated the amount of milk Ruby needed.”

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Allison Kettlety and Finn (17 months)

Breastfeeding Tip for New Moms: “We used a lactation consultant to help us find a solution that worked for our family. My other advice is: don’t be upset if you have small breasts. It still works!”


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Favorite Breastfeeding Product: Medela Nipple Shields

“I must have sensitive breasts because I was in a lot of pain after feedings in the beginning. Using the nipple shields helped and Finn was able to feed really well with them without any confusion,” says Kettlety.

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Zena Nelson and Kai (7 months)

Breastfeeding Tip for New Moms:  “I had more milk flow than Kai could handle and after the 3rd week we stopped breastfeeding the traditional way and I joined a breast feeding support group. The mommy support and environment were so nice.  If you find you can’t breastfeed in a “traditional way” don’t feel bad about it – how long your child is connected to a booby is not a testament of your love for them!”

Favorite Breastfeeding Product: Milkies

“When things are first starting, you don’t want to let even a drop get by. Milkies made it so no milk was wasted milk,” says Nelson.

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