Even though people have been raising babies since the dawn of man — the little bundles of joy still remain a mystery in myriad ways. They arrive into the world a few weeks early or several days late, they wake up just when we have finally drifted off to sleep, and they get the urge to poop right after you have changed their diaper. And since many hospitals lack lactation consultants and their advice hotlines are only available during certain hours, new parents often leave the hospital or birthing center with questions on nursing and diapering and how to generally care for their adorable but slightly intimidating precious baby. NuuNest, an iPhone app that’s currently #1 in apps for parents of newborns, can give you the round-the-clock help you need during those first few weeks of parenthood mayhem. Once you put in basic info about your baby, NuuNest guides you through daily changes in baby, what to expect for mom’s recovery from labor and delivery, and other common challenges or questions.

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Developed by two nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have helped more than 20,000 families (and who are also mothers themselves), NuuNest comes equipped with over 400 tips for taking care of baby (and yourself) during the first month of life. Keeping track of feeds (including which breast you finished on), wet and dirty diapers, and your baby’s weight when you can barely see straight seems like a tall order, but NuuNest lets you enter information clearly and succinctly and even graphs the results for easy reference. The app is customizable for your infant, so you can focus on information that applies to your new family’s life, instead of sifting through papers, pamphlets, and facts that don’t.

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