Oeuf’s newest crib really is the elephant in the room. Available in hues of white, or better yet, a subdued creamy gray, the chunky legged Oeuf Elephant Crib really does resemble the popular pachyderm often found in baby’s nursery decor — all that’s missing is the trunk. Co-designed by Tiscar, a Spanish artist and Oeuf, the Elephant Crib is a fun and beautiful addition to a modern nursery.  As with all other Oeuf products, sustainability in design and construction is a top concern. The Elephant Crib is made in Europe in an FSC certified facility with eco-MDF and nontoxic, water-based finishes free of VOC health hazards. All packaging is recycled and recyclable. The eco-friendly crib comes with 3 adjustable mattress positions and a low overall height for easy parent to baby access. Plus, this sleep haven can be built with minimal hardware in about 10 minutes, much to the delight of moms and dads everywhere.

+ Elephant Crib $675.00

+ Oeuf