Whether being used by kids or adults, desks tend to become dumping grounds for papers, art projects, trinkets, and other tchotchkes that don’t have designated homes. Oeuf, one of our go-to brands for stylish and modern furniture and clothing, created their first desk, the Brooklyn desk, to help streamline this potential disaster area into a clutter-free and usable workspace. Currently available in a serene white with light birch accents and legs, the Brooklyn desk includes removable storage boxes that perch on the sides, leaving more space for homework or crafts. What makes this desk more than just a typical, temporary furniture fix is the fact that the height is adjustable, so it can grow as your child does. Pair that functionality with Oeuf’s environmental sensibilities and commitment to paying living wages and creating betters lives for its furniture craftspersons in Latvia, and you have a sustainable, utilitarian space for writing, creating, and daydreaming.

+ Brooklyn Desk $575.00

+ Oeuf