From sweet winged baby angel slippers to warm and fuzzy mittens and sweaters, green kids furniture and clothing maker Oeuf (which means “egg” in French) is always coming up with unique products that show us how fun being eco-friendly can be! Their cozy new Bat Boy and Bat Girl hats are no exception. Perfect for Halloween shenanigans, this knit beanie comes in both “bat eyes” and “mask” styles and can be worn atop your little Trick or Treater’s head or over their eyes, Hamburgler style. In fact, you could easily build costumes right around the Bat Hat, and since your child will continue wearing it throughout the winter, it’s a great alternative to a cheap polyester throwaway costume from a big box retailer.

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Made of super-soft 100% alpaca wool, which is a renewable resource, each Bat Hat is tres soft and very luxurious. Instead of being mass-made in a huge factory somewhere, each hat is lovingly knit by indigenous women in Bolivia, providing them with rewarding work that lets them control their standard of living.

In addition to being super cute, the Bat Hat will keep your tot nice and toasty when making the Halloween rounds because the wool it is made from contains microscopic air pockets that give it a tremendous thermal capacity and make it really breathable. We also like that even though there are “girl” and “boy” versions of the Bat Hat, it is essentially unisex. And since Batman and Batgirl both wear the same kind of mask, your green kid can masquerade as either one with these charming caps!

+ Oeuf Knit Bat Hat – $48