Despite the fact that around 14,000 people in Japan are currently waiting for an organ donation or transplant, only about 300 people each year actually receive the organs they need. That number works out to be a measly 2% of people receiving organs, and since the topic is rarely discussed or publicized, many Japanese people are unaware of the great need. To raise awareness about this issue in an approachable and touchingly adorable way, Second Life Toys gives old, broken toys a ‘second life’ by adding on new limbs from donor toys.

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The resulting creatures are downright sweet, with some, such as an elephant with a squirrel’s tail for a trunk, looking like fantastical imaginary creatures. The process is simple: people donate their unwanted toys to Second Life. The toys then become a “donor” or a “transplant.” The donor toy gets broken down into parts and limbs, which are then attached to the donor stuffed animal that is in need of a little TLC. Toy donors even get a thank you letter from the child who received the new-and-improved lovey. We hope this playful approach to a serious topic opens the doors of conversation in Japan, and we’re thrilled regardless that some much loved toys will be getting a second life instead of ending their journey in a landfill.

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