Ole Flensted’s father, Christian Flensted, created the first modern mobile in 1953. Since the 70’s, Ole Flensted has taken over the family business and still creates beautiful modern mobiles to be displayed all over the house. In cooperation with the Bauhaus Museum, Ole Flensted created the Bauhaus Mobile in honor of the Bauhaus era and the color theory of Wassily Kandinsky who believed that certain colors should be assigned to certain forms. ”Yellow – Red – Blue remnant of Goethe’s hue Kandinsky’s philosophy of definite velocity hangs about your head weaving its history’s bed of simple elegant Bauhaus you can dream and espouse,” said Flensted. While we wish the Bauhaus Mobile, made of wood and polypropylene, was constructed more sustainably, we love its bold, modern look and think it could be displayed in any living space after Baby outgrows gazing at mobiles. Note: this mobile should be kept out of reach from a baby due to the sharp corners and risk of strangulation by the cords.

+ Bauhaus Mobile $80

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