Bunnies aren’t great first pets for kids. Rabbits are closer in relation to bears than they are to rodents, they have sharp claws (if not clipped), and they tend to be aggressive if unwittingly mishandled. So, why did you get a bunny for your kids? Because they’re cute. And the only thing cuter than your kid’s fluffy bunny is the Eglu pet home by Omlet in which it lives.

Eglu Pet Home by Omlet, eglu pet home, modern pet home, omlet pet home

Though they oddly resemble first generation iMacs, Omlet pet homes (specifically designed for poultry and rabbits) are an environment friendly and eye-catching entry to the usually drab world of pet care accessories. “Developed with leading animal behaviorists, the unique design enables your rabbits to express their natural instincts, making rabbit ownership more rewarding and enjoyable…” and a lot more beautiful. With no corners or odd angles, you will find that the Eglu, as one user quips, so simple to clean that its actually enjoyable. More adventurous pet owners, with access to a backyard, can have an Eglu shipped with pet chickens.

Eglu Pet Home by Omlet, eglu pet home, modern pet home, omlet pet home

The homes come in happy colors, “pretty in pink, outrageous in orange or beautiful in blue and if you can’t decide there’s green”, and can be used indoors as “it provides your rabbit with a private and comfortable space to retreat to.” And every Eglu pet home is made from energy efficient polymers using modern construction techniques and at the end of its life it can be 100% recycled.

The Omlet Eglu retails for $395.00 ($495 with the run).