You can debate for hours about whether a real tree or faux tree is the more eco-friendly option, or you can go for an alternative this year — Peel & Place Canvas Wall Sticker Happy Holidays Set. The 140-piece decoration, designed by children’s fine art company Oopsy Daisy, includes a a tree, a full alphabet, a set of numbers, ornaments, gifts, and more, which all can be stuck and re-stuck year after year without damaging the wall. It’s an easy way to get into the holiday spirit if you’ll be traveling for most of the holidays, or if you have a child that’s allergic to fir trees. As an early Christmas present to you, online shop Layla Grayce is offering a 15% discount for Inhabitots readers through November 30 when you use the promo code “Inhabitots”. And our festive side won’t judge if you choose to have both a real tree in the living room and sticker tree in the playroom!

+ Happy Holidays Peel & Place Canvas Wall Sticker Set $129

+ Oopsy Daisy