If you want to know the history of the products you buy for your child, ducduc would be a good place to go. Based in New York City with manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, ducduc is a company that attends to every detail, from sourcing sustainable hardwoods from Northeast US forests to providing living wages and benefits to each of their employees. Among their extensive furniture collections, the
Austin Crib caught our eye for its slim profile and functional flexibility.

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The Austin Collection features two full sets of bedroom furniture—one for infants and one for bigger kids. The Austin Crib features four settings for mattress height that can be adjusted as the baby grows, along with fixed side rails for safety, and a rail conversion kit to let toddlers transition into a regular bed.

Like all of ducduc’s products, the Austin crib is made with wood sourced close to the factory in order to make sure that their furniture heads to its owner’s home with a small footprint. The crib has only non-toxic finishes and adhesives, and contains no particle board or MDF, both of which run the risk of containing formaldehyde.

In addition to their furniture collections, ducduc has a number of textiles that add accents of brilliant color and dynamic patterns to any modern kid’s room.

+ $1295 from ducduc
59”W x 44”H x 31.5”D
(crib rail height: 39.25”)

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